Why Trip’In Trott?

  • Trained and certified guides.
  • High-end French-made scooters, with battery in the frame, to avoid a 5 kg ballast on your backs (technology evolves, so do we).
  • Special rates for families, groups and a 20% discount for regular users (if using the service again within 3 months).
  • The helmet, gloves, cycling spectacles are included in the service.
  • A 15 to 30 min evaluation allows us to check you are feeling comfortable with the equipment.
  • Duration and content adapted to your desires.
  • Photos made available via a dedicated Whatsapp at the end of the course.
  • The possibility of Nocturnes.
  • Comfort packs which include over pants and over jacket are available.
  • A thermos flask of tea and coffee in the colder season or of fresh beverage in the warm days.
  • A good mood, also in bad weather.
  • The warranty that our batteries are reloaded on the public network rather than with heavily-polluting generators.
Picture of reed in the wind

Why we believe in it

Many of us appreciate the dynamic rythm of cities but we also need to have short breaks in green areas and parks.

We are a growing number who appreciate the harmony and simplicity of Nature, either for walking, running, meditating, picking mushrooms or even hugging a 100 year old oak tree !

Trip'in Trott intends to be a link between these two worlds through two experiences sharing the same values.

Picture of 2 scooters in the forest

Our values

  • Well being : the atmosphere within a group often relies on its leaders but it is, and before all, the sum of the moods of all participants. We will bring our good mood, so just bring yours !
  • To live together : Whether in nature or in the city, whether inhabitants are birds or people, the pleasure and comfort of each should not become the nuisance of others. Our scooters are silent, safe and pollution-free. Be it as well !
  • Foresight : we are certified lifeguard-rescuers and guides, but this does not make you invincible .
Picture of 2 scooters in the city

Who we are

Former executives in professional training and automotive engineering, we decided in 2020 to move into a new direction.

Our journey has allowed us to meet many people who have each brought their part to our project, often asking nothing in return. We are grateful to them.

Picture of three people around a table in a restaurant
Picture of four people in a coffee terrace

Our professional training

As worplace first-aiders we have performed a professional retraining into hiking guides (specialised in terrestrial vehicles with handlebars), certified by the CPNEF and the FFM.

Picture of a person standing aside a mud field
Picture of a person sitting on a quad among two other empty quads

Our history

As sport outing enthusiasts we discovered in May 2019 the electric scooter during a journey in the gorges de la Loue.

The playful nature of this machine seduced us quickly.

Getting to grip with it was immediate despite unfavourable weather .

Picture of a group of six persons equipped for a ride by bad weather

Shortly after this initial experience we developed the idea of using of this electric scooter in the Yvelines.

It is sometimes difficult to bring together around the same practice people like athletes and contemplative characters, thrill seekers and easy-going hikers, the young and the more mature. The all-road electric scooter manages this task successfully.

Add the historical potential of the city of Versailles, the beauty of the parks and woods of our region, the 25 year old strong friendship, the ambition to venture into a new professional direction and the concept of Trip’in Trott was born !

Picture of two persons among scooters from a high point of view