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1) Access to the activity :
  • Please show up 5 minutes before the scheduled meeting time for the ride.
  • The participant (if individual) undertakes to pay all the services retained BEFORE the departure of the ride.
  • All participants must be accompanied by a supervisor from SAS TRIP'IN TROTT.
  • The activity is authorized from 12 years old if the size and autonomy of the participant allow it, the minimum recommended height is approximately 1.40m.
  • The maximum recommended weight to use the scooter in good conditions is 100 kg. Beyond this weight, the user is fully aware that the performance of scooters will be reduced, especially in the event of a strong positive elevation gain.
  • The guide reserves the right to refuse a participant if he considers that he is not able to pilot the scooter in good conditions for reasons of size, autonomy, or safety.
  • In the absence of parental authorization, minors must be accompanied by an adult, the latter has full responsibility.
  • Helmets and gloves are provided by TRIP'IN TROTT. Wearing this equipment is compulsory.
  • The participants declare :
    • Be in good physical health and have no contraindications to the practice of physical and sports activities.
    • Knowing how to ride a bike.
    • Not be under the influence of any medicinal or narcotic product, drug or alcohol, which could impair his vigilance or which could modify his behavior. In the event of a false declaration, TRIP'IN TROTT disclaims all liability.

In the event of non-compliance with the instructions or bad behavior of one or more participants, TRIP'IN TROTT reserves the right to interrupt the hike at any time and without reimbursement.

2) Insurance

The participant has the obligation to be personally covered by "Civil Liability" insurance. Any incident or accident remains at its charge. In the event of an accident, damage to others, to property or to a third party, in cases IMPUTABLE to SAS TRIP'IN TROTT, the latter's liability is limited exclusively to the coverage provided by its insurance company. SAS TRIP'IN TROTT declines all responsibility in the event of theft, bodily injury or material damage. No complaint or recourse will be initiated against SAS TRIP'IN TROTT.

3) Security
  • The guides of the company TRIP'IN TROTT are certified by the FFM, in accordance with article L212.2 of the Sports Code.
  • All participants recognize that the practice of the all-terrain electric scooter is an activity that presents a risk of falling, which can lead to injuries and he accepts all the consequences. TRIP'IN TROTT cannot be held responsible for any accidents that occur during the activity. No prosecution can be considered on the part of the practitioners or their beneficiaries. Participants agree to comply with the instructions, recommendations and safety instructions given by the facilitator.
  • The participant is criminally responsible for any traffic violations that he may commit.
4) Instructions for use
  • Always adapt your speed to different situations. Slow down or stop if you meet a pedestrian, cyclist, rider or animals.
  • Do not pass the guide under any circumstances.
  • Respect the highway code and keep a distance of 3 to 5 m with the scooter in front of you.
  • Do not throw anything on the public road.
  • In addition to wearing a helmet and mandatory gloves, an outfit adapted to the practice of the scooter is requested (closed shoes, no high heels). In case of rain or bad weather, bring a change of clothes or rain suits. Trip'in Trott also recommends wearing long pants and sleeves, especially for the Trip'in Forest part.
  • The participant (or the requesting organization) is responsible for the vehicles made available. In the event of damage caused to the latter, he will have to compensate the company TRIP IN TROTT by settling the repairs or breakages caused during the ride, according to the prices in force in the catalog of the company GLOBE3T, sole supplier of the scooters.
5) Right of withdrawal and disputes

Under Article L. 221-18 of the Consumer Code, any withdrawal request must be sent by post on plain paper to SARL TRIP'IN TROTT, 5 rue Emile Zola 78190 TRAPPES. As far as possible, complaints will be settled out of court. In the absence of an amicable agreement, the consumer has a free right of recourse to the Tourism and Travel mediator : http://www.mtv.travel/.

In the absence of mediation, the competent court remains that of domiciliation of the head office of the SARL TRIP'IN TROTT.

6) Image rights

Any participant giving his agreement to be photographed or filmed, authorizes the company TRIP IN TROTT to fully dispose of the photographs and other images representing him. These photographs may be reproduced, represented and / or adapted if necessary on posters, flyers, advertising videos, social networks or the website of the company TRIP IN TROTT, as part of its communication.

Booking with TRIP'IN TROTT implies having read the above general conditions and fully accepting all the clauses.